A body for all seasons

We take a break from blogging and demo videos during the summer because we believe summer isn’t to be wasted, especially here in Ottawa Canada where the warm weather seems to pass fast. Our base philosophy has always been that strength training makes you not just capable of living and active life but actually drives you to want to be physical.


So before we get back to exercise ideas and videos demo’s we want to make a point to reinforce our outlook. Way too high a percentage of people past their 20’s spend most of the summer watching from the sidelines. Then they hibernate through the winter and life just slips away. Suddenly you’re in your 40’s then your 50’s and wow – where did the time go?

This is the plight to one extent or the other of the majority of folks as they age. It is the direct result of slow but steady, almost imperceptible weakening. This comes from easy lifestyles of our modern world. Mix in a cheap abundance of calories and almost zero need for real lifting and carrying strength and early loss of health and ability is on the rise.


Life is for the living and it is so sad to see frailty in the 60 plus crowds becoming as dominant a public health issue as being overweight is. Let us reinforce the fact that strength and fitness is not just for a beach body but to preserve energy and resiliency. Staying strong instead of getting weaker means you live…really live, physically the way you were designed to.


If you or someone you know is always looking to sit down and rest and feed yet most of ones time is spent driving, sitting, a bit of shopping/walking and light activities, well something is wrong. De-stressing happens just as much from being strong and active as resting sedentary. In fact, quality decompressing happens quite well when your muscle – your engines are robust and you are in meditative outdoor activity.


Summer once again slips aways…don’t let your strength do the same.


Please share,

Andrew and Tierney


One Reply to “A body for all seasons”

  1. Moe Chartrand says:

    Well said !!

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