Busy or productive?

Many try immersion therapy with fitness going to the gym too many times a week trying to force a new habit. In time…99% of the time this fails because it is unsustainable and constant abuse of exercise tends to lower its quality. Over-training and using up too much free time are main culprits in fitness failure. The worst part of this is you can end up feeling like you let yourself down and this instills and in grains a ‘defeated’ attitude.


The key to exercise is high quality with low frequency. High quality exercise is less fun but leaves you way more time, strength and energy for real fun. Fun like playing a recreational sport, or simply hiking, biking, skiing etc. 


Here is what we mean by high quality exercise:

  • Exercise performed in a less ‘sporty’ manner with a slow and deliberate approach directed primarily at your weaknesses.
  • Little or no rest between exercises.
  • Careful smart movement so that you can use very high loads but safely, causing truly deep fatigue quickly without risk for injury.
  • Sessions finished in 30 minutes including warm ups and cool downs if need be.
  • Workouts which seriously challenge both your strength and stamina equally.
  • Exercises each taken to a point of momentary full muscular fatigue which should force a failure to continue the movement safely – we call this muscle stalling. 
  • Exercise which stimulates not just annihilates.


This type of exercise performed only once or twice a week is both sustainable and life changing. Keep quality over quantity with fitness for deep results. This will allow you to drop the ‘I’m too busy excuse’ and dramatically drive up your productivity in personal happiness and just plain old getting er done!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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