The Top (satisview)

We try to avoid metaphors because it is too easy for them to come off shallow and over-reaching. In the past year though as we get more and more into *trail running a metaphor has been turning into an analogy.


When we try to describe the satisfaction and downright joy of trail racing it reminds us of why we started strength training in a serious manner. Why run on rough ground up elevations which conspire to burn your legs and lungs into submission? The answer is for the satisfaction and the view, in fact it is such a combo feeling right when you reach the top it could be called the **satisview.

When you strength train properly you challenge your limits in order to repair and rejuvenate your body. When you challenge the trail the elevation pushes your limits and your will is revitalized and your sense of life is enhanced by a well earned view.


Now when you step back, I suppose from a philosophical perspective, you see the whole point of strength training. How do you get to the top? You climb and strength training makes its possible for you to climb. That is it, that is all, it’s really that simple…and important.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

* What is trail running?

** Credit goes to Samuel Clemens for inspirastion with this fake word in the playful sense found with his ‘Gratifaction’:

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