Personal Trainer – throwing money away?

Should being physically fit cost anything…really? The assumption is that because we make a living off of fitness we are die-hard sales folk of the workout cult. Ok lets start there.


Personal trainers, fitness writers, supplement sales people etc generally want volume of sales, in fact most anyone selling wants volume – few want what actually matters for your health… and quality costs. It costs in commitment, consistency and cash. Now before you jump to the conclusion that this will now just turn into a comparison ‘we’re the best’ pile of propaganda give us an extra moments consideration.


We have written this blog for several years and never has it brought us a client, we don’t write that way or for that reason…seriously. We write to help with client retention yes (understanding often helps) and other reasons but we know that people who are unfit make their own tough and personal decision to change. People who make permanent change go through a significant awakening. The rest might be temporarily tricked into some fancy fad but it never lasts.


Now certainly some people want cheap and others are just frugal but there is also the notion that exercise is just something you should do in everyday life. There is the naive idea that you are just lazy if you are out of shape. It isn’t true and exercise, from a pure health perspective, isn’t actually activity. Exercise is to retain health as you age and allow you to keep being and feeling like having robust physical activity as a natural part of your life. A professional athlete exercises to improve and maintain their abilities at their sport, the rest of us …to stay in the game of life at a quality level.


Exercise can be actual medicine if applied well and it doesn’t need to be super expensive but cheap medicine is often harmful and the resultant failures associated deflate our positive energy. A cheap gym membership rarely provides anything and when it does it doesn’t tend to last. We applaud – for real – all those who appear to make fitness work for little or no money but this is no different than the odd anomaly of a smoker living until 90 because 99% don’t.


It is your health, your responsibility and yours to gamble with as you see, pardon the pun, fit. Should it cost real money? The fact is a strong body was only free at the outset, enjoy that freebie and just carry on or pay with effort and money to maximize and enjoy physical life. All of us pay to play and it costs you your health or it costs you honest investment but yes it costs, if it didn’t pretty much everyone would be fit…period.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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