Don’t you get a kick out of the fall season? The summer fades but it looks, smells and even sounds interesting…different and the change is somewhat welcome. Maybe its just the chance to cozy up a bit and indulge in new and varied clothing. Perhaps it brings some fall traditions and so forth, the point is ‘we get it’, change can be nice.


Even though a favourite saying of ours is ‘Fads fade – Strength lasts’ doesn’t mean we are completely anti all fitness fads that come and go. We get it, it is nice to try something new especially where is spurs motivation forward. The thing is like our seasons they aren’t designed to last. Change is just plain old inherent to the way life works, it keeps reconfiguring through time, moments may strike deep into you but they pass and morph relatively quickly.


Our message of strength is ‘a perfect counterpoint to the flux of living’. Strength remains and wraps you in every season of your life. It is the anti-aging agent which allows us to actually enjoy the accumulation of your experience. By this we mean you remain capable of living life with the wisdom you build. This rather than only being able to sit around talking about your past because it has eroded your body.


Provided it is safe and your expectations honest we say absolutely join in and enjoy different trends. We simply want to promote that while strength training is always evolving and learning the fundamental benefit remains. When you exercise for strength the change runs deep down to your core and kept up…it keeps giving.


Best of the season to all, be well, be strong.


Andrew and Tierney

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