Fat – it loves me…it loves me not.

Yes we’re dropping some f-bombs this post because once you are fat, fat keeps you…fat. We get why people make harsh wrong turns trying to get in shape, fat literally conspires against you.


Body fat when on the high side will make you hungrier than normal and will also make it tough to feel satisfied after eating. It does this because of reduced insulin sensitivity where by your body chemicals such as Leptin and Ghrelin cannot get delivered properly (you can google all that if you want details ;n). Additionally, being physically active in the form of repetitive cardio like jogging, bike etc may burn a small amount of fat but it increases appetite dramatically for the overweight. Add to this that reducing your calories, especially carbohydrates, slows your metabolism and you have a nasty conspiracy.


The norm for a fitness fix is trying to ‘control’ eating and suddenly getting active with all kinds of cardio jumping, jogging, spinning and what have you. Some choose the latest fad class and some sort of supposedly clever nutrition tricks but just pay attention – over time you will spot failure and zero sustainability.


Again be as committed as you want but reducing calories and being active actually works against you more than with you. It is in a small way helpful if kept very personally manageable but there is really only one thing that beats the system.

The sheer power of strength

As independent personal trainers we can offer any form of exercise we want but we anchor everything on strength. Strength which builds lean mass (muscle and bones) and as a direct result builds insulin sensitivity which in turn gets your entire body working properly again. Increased strength means increased energy burning and muscle…well muscle soaks up calories with great efficiency.


We may all have different body types but when we were young we had one thing in common – we were strong. If we used our strength regularly and ate real food then we were really fit. This is what you need, get back to choosing strength and fall in love with living again.


Get strong to get rid of fat, it takes time but quick fixes never work, they weaken you, you eventually slide back and the next time you try it’s harder than ever.

Get strong…stay strong.

Andrew and Tierney

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