Shades of Strength

Strength is a polarizing word, for many it means everything positive, for others it means considering they may have weakness. The former can come off righteous at times while the latter may appear meek.


Physical strength not only permeates your mental and emotional states but comes in far more shades than black and white. Having a strong ability to recover from stress is every bit as important has how much power you have in your muscles. It is often known as ‘conditioning’ as in strength and conditioning training but it is really all part of the same thing.


Furthermore, how about just plain old muscular strength, one person can lift hundreds of pounds a few times while another can lift half that but for three times as long…who is stronger? Conventional wisdom says the former but with regards to having strong health we find the more balanced and diverse your strength the better your body fairs over time.

photofunia-1473515611This is no different than how having one really strong leg or arm causes problems over time because it overwhelms the opposite side of the body. We suggest what could be described as well-rounded strength. Strength which brings out the best of your personal genetics and thus minimizes your weaknesses.


We strongly, if you pardon the pun, suggest minimizing your weaknesses not by trying to hide them under a few outstanding characteristics but rather by bringing them up to closer match the rest of you. While it can be gratifying to shine brightly once in a while our experience has shown us that a balanced lasting glow is by far the most deeply satisfying way to enjoy strength.


Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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