How to build strength


No this isn’t a post about exercise choices or the wonder of weights. This is actually how you build strength because it starts in the workout but is built afterward.

Save for being sloppy and risking injuries the biggest problem we see is people thinking if they spend a lot of time exercising then they will do well. This is why many people get their sweat on but make only superficial short-term fitness changes. If you try to exercise steady for longer than 30 minutes you will have to reduce how hard you are actually working. You will endure but endure lower intensity.


Strength is built by trying to surpass your present ability and if you do so without cheating and bouncing/throwing weight around you will get a lot stronger. You need to keep in mind only a small percentage of people (born very athletic) can keep effort high for long periods. Even they do better when focusing as much on strength as endurance.


The changes from exercise come when you are resting and refuelling. This is when you rebuild better than before. You get fooled during a workout because you are hyped up and adrenaline is flowing which makes you feel like you are getting stronger right there and then. The truth is it is just your fight or flight hormonal response, it feels good but is masking the drain.


Getting out of breath and shedding a few ounces of fat is fine but the true beauty of exercise is remodelling your body. This takes an intense stimulus (strength training) then nutrients and rest. You agitate your tissues then with proper follow up they recover and strengthen. Do too much too often and in no time you must reduce the stimulus too low or overtrain and erode your growth.

Be patient and consistent, no amount of time ‘feeling and playing like a pro athlete’ will replace proper strength training. Be smart and in time you will become strong enough to actually enjoy athleticism at a significantly higher level.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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