Holding you together

There is no true separation between mental strength, physical strength and emotional strength. They all support one another and as one is helped so are the others.


Perhaps the reason we don’t yet see strength promoted as the foundation of health and healthy living is just a basic confusion over what strength actually IS. We know strength is personal and that comparing ones self to others is where the truth is confused. Sometimes it takes strength to speak up for yourself and other times it takes strength to keep your mouth shut. Sometimes it takes strength to get a physical task completed and other times it takes strength to know you need to ask for help rather than abuse your body.


Strength can be used as a push or pull, the choice is always yours. Strength is about you personally, how you do in each new situation in life.

The definition…the meaning is simple:

“Strength is what keeps you together when other things try to pull you apart.”

It takes mental and emotional strength to build physical strength and physical strength can make you mentally and physically stronger.


Forget strength as always just big in size or aggressive in power. Strength is as much if not possibly more about the supposedly average being able to overcome, the supposedly mediocre not giving up.

ALL illness begins where weakness allows – strength is what protects you and allows you to be protective of other things.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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