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Make money, spend money, make money, save money, invest money and later spend more money. This is our world and as we have many business centric clients this is an area we are very familiar with. We ourselves are business owners so we ‘get it’ but one thing has us confused and if we can figure it out we may become wealthy:

Q. Why do people work so hard and even invest money wisely only to pass away early after living a retirement of illness?

This time this isn’t a lecture, it is an earnest question. Our guess is it isn’t always greed but the public assumption that everyone gets sick, old and dies. While we are a long ways from eliminating certain death, longevity and especially quality of life is all but solved already…yes really.

Let’s back up, the question is if you work hard and save/invest wisely isn’t it for you and perhaps those you effect and you are your health right? That is to say, you are only living because of your health. The way you wake up, how you do what you do is strictly regulated by your health. What you can do and at what level…is strictly controlled by your health.

Wait, now this is starting to sound like a lecture, so back to the million dollar question. Why isn’t your fitness your most valuable asset? Fitness is your health currency and you spend it to live, to think, to move even to sleep. You rely 100% on your fitness to protect your health AND to pay for all your actions. Plainly put how much you do and can earn is dependant on your fitness. If you spend your fitness wisely it goes further OR you can just spend wildly and hope things work out. Short term it may look like you can earn more if you push yourself hard but overspend and…well what we see in the greater part of the 55+ crowd is people falling on pretty hard times. Then they spend their money trying to deal with illness, weakness, discomfort rather than living with any zest or true engagement.


Certainly we like to make a case that here at our clinic we are the wisest way to invest in your fitness and so forth and so on however as a business we have been surprised to discover that is barely an issue. We have crunched the local numbers; if just 10% of our nations capital wanted to work with a fitness professional all the facilities combined couldn’t accommodate. Put in perspective if we double the number of fitness facilities and experts in town it still wouldn’t even come close. The focus for a fitness pro is no longer directing choice but encouraging a decision.


At the risk of sounding alarmist the situation has reached insane proportions. Almost everyone you meet over 35 is already showing signs of failing fitness. Almost everyone over 45 regardless of income bracket is out of shape if not visibly over weight. It’s crazy, aches, pains, low energy, obesity, rising disease rates EVEN in many who participate in physical activities.

Our only guess is the rotten root of it all comes down to two things:

  1. People are unaware of the difference between spending fitness and investing in it.
  2. People have bought into the false belief that everyone gets weak and sick as they age and die.


Number 1 is straightforward to clarify. Spending fitness during any physical activity is like marketing and advertising. It doesn’t always pay you back but you need to be out there accessible in the market place. Fitness, when invested in wisely, addresses your individuality and chiefly your weaknesses. This allows the quality of your fitness to pay serious substantial returns over time.

Number 2 is simply a urban myth which has reached mythic proportions. It is in no way substantiated by physiology or any science for that matter. Statistics are grim however they do not substantiate anything but a trend of behaviour.


Take Home

Spend all your fitness income now and have fun but understand – You will spend your money, if you are lucky enough to have the chance, trying to find debt relief later. If anyone doubts what we said in points 1 and 2 or has answers we are all ears, please feel welcome to comment here, email or visit us through social media.

Until next time please be well and live a rich life.

Andrew and Tierney,


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