Perception Direction


What is the best way to eat? What is the best way to exercise? How long will it take, how much do I do and what is a proper goal?

As fitness professionals these are easy questions for us to answer, the tough question is how are you going to allow change? Yes allow, because the reason people miss their health goals isn’t for lack of technical knowledge of the details it’s because they never truly allow change.

Previously we mentioned dozens of different ways physical conditions are governed by evolutionary traits.  In a completely natural sense humans:

  • Only under eat when there is no food.
  • Only physically work hard when we must.
  • Only change our habits and behaviours when our environment forces us to.

You have eons of programming designed to keep you from changing because to survive you needed to stay in balance with nature/your environment. Only if conditions changed did you change to suit which is great because it means you can adapt if need be. If your environment is food abundance, little activity your balance with nature will be – to be out of shape.

As the video explains you can actually alter your perception of how hard a task will be and make it more livable and achievable. This is how you truly change the tough stuff, the eating choices, the cravings, the motivation not to skip an exercise session but to go to bed early and get up ready to workout. You move beyond fear of the consequences of not doing it and beyond just wanting the fringe benefits. Your environment changes when you *blur the old and clarify the new and the result – you naturally take on new ways. You don’t need to force anything except maintaining focus on the goal.

When you picture the changed you as the actual you with new energy, new image and new habits and you keep all your focus on just that…the challenge moves from negative, nervous type stress to driven, positive/exciting achievable stress. When you keep all of your focus on the improved you the time, effort and distance to the goal diminishes. As your focus sharpens with practice, your evolved trait of adaptability takes on a life of its own and you just let go of the old.

goal goal1 goal2

You see in our human past, out there in the wild, when we changed it was because we adapted to uncontrollable circumstance. Even present day it’s easy to feel 5 degrees outside is cold during the summer but -5 degrees feels warm in the winter. Perspective can change just like your body can change with good nutrition and exercise. Forcing the now will only work for as long as you can force it…which isn’t forever. Alter your environment by choosing your goals, focusing only on those goals and continually clarifying this focus – then going ahead and buying different food, doing physical activity and exercising regularly will come a lot more naturally.

Watch the video for **proof, look to athletes who constantly practice mental visualizations of winning. Fix your eyes on the goal and it comes closer and your environment blurs and it becomes far easier to remove that which is attached to the old you and surround yourself with that which is the new you. It’s not new age hocus-pocus it’s basic perception direction; you focus on the ‘status quo’ or you focus on your goal, the choice is personal and yours to make if you so wish.

*See Video

**Seriously…watch it, it’s short and good

Be Well,

Andrew and Tierney


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