Fat Fights Back


We have been ‘hinting’ at this for years:

(1 lb of fat eliciting not 3500 but well over 4000 calories, see this research https://csus-dspace.calstate.edu/handle/10211.3/139453)

1lb_fatThe trouble is it can come off sounding like a sales pitch or way too personal an opinion. In the end, it is simply science and what we were always trying to get at is there is a GREAT need for our approach to health and fitness. This because crash diets and cardio/boot camp exercise just make matters worse….and those who are out of shape can be devastated by making matters worse. The result of well meaning but scientifically contraindicated methods (of exercise and nutrition) is akin to digging a whole for the suffering and then burying them alive. Sounds dramatic but the more a person feels there is no real way out the more they give up and accelerate their demise. No one just slides along holding position they either improve health and fitness or destroy it at an ever increasing pace.



Trying to burn off or starve off body fat at some 4423.90 kilocalories per lb just won’t work – it is not sustainable.

When you understand the mere act of burning calories through movement and/or calorie restriction CAUSES an INVERSE reaction in your body you may understand better. Activity increases and food reduction is met with an increase in your ability to store fat, a slowing of metabolic rate and an immediate or eventual increase in appetite. The more you try the worse it gets. You can make short term superficial changes but they disappear just as quick leaving you feeling ‘hard done by’ or ‘to blame’. Your state worsens and you search for even more desperate solutions or give up.


We have an answer called ‘weight correction’ (https://youtu.be/AgSOoh4Y4Bg) and we are willing to back it up with real science and real life changing action. It is no quick fix but it will save and dramatically improve health and fitness.


And by the way dietary fat isn’t as spooky as it has been made out to be…but that is for another article ;n)

Share if you care to.

Be Well,

Tierney and Andrew


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