Dawged Determination 6th Week Update

Through the challenges of body and mind as a radio station owner, family man and all around go-getter Mr. Bernard is persevering…and pretty darn well we should say. Through colds, kids and a jammed packed summer schedule hosting not one but two festivals (http://www.dawgfm.com/concerts-events.aspx) Todd is hanging tough and staying the course!

There has been plenty of panting and growling but to date Todd has gone from 195.0 lbs to 179.2 lbs a drop from 27.7% body fat to 21.1% body fat. Significant is that this is not just a weight reduction (of body fat) but also a hard-earned gain in lean, functional muscle. 

Now is the real tough part of avoiding a plateau and staying with the plan beyond the honeymoon phase. We are determined…dawgedly so…to see success so if you get a chance to offer Todd some support, perhaps during the upcoming Mountain Man festival (Todd will be in the final weeks of Nautilus Body Boot Camp) please let him know you’re proud of him fighting the good fight!

We’re halfway there, pictures to come – is this going to turn out to be an Impossible Mission? Stay Tuned!

11227424_1141271025899958_4291121580793547892_o    line up poster copy



As big Blues and Blues rock fans we are excited to have Todd Bernard, co-owner and GM of Ottawa’s 101.9 Dawg FM braving a full 12-week body transformation at Nautilus Body Clinic. Follow along  with his journey as we post regular updates and be inspired.

TB - Before - Aspiring To ver2

(T. Bernard at Nautilus Body Clinic present day on left and in his early twenties with the Canadian military on the right)

We’ll be working to get him back into ‘fighting shape’ as he partakes in our personalized nutrition coaching and condensed personal training program. At at starting weight of 195 lbs and 27.7% body fat we are aiming for a ‘Weight Correction’ (https://wefit.ca/weight-correction/) to 180-185 lbs and 10-15% body fat. This would be a 25-30 lb fat loss and 15 pound muscle gain!

We’re examining, strategizing and supporting every aspect of Todd’s transformation utilizing only a max of 90 minutes of actual exercise per week. He has already lost several pounds in his first couple of weeks and is well on target to rival 101.9 Dawg FM’s ‘pigskin prophet’ for physical prowess!

pigskin prophet sm


We’ll highlight his challenges and victories as we tap into his strengths and turn back his biological clock. We’ll offer a candid view on what it is actually like to fight for your quality of life and defeat the myth of middle age.

Please help spur Todd on and offer a howl of support because real change can be ruff …and don’t forget to enjoy 101.9 Dawg FM Canada’s only Blues station!


Listen Live: http://www.dawgfm.com/

2 Replies to “Dawged Determination 6th Week Update”

  1. Todd Bernard says:

    All the accolades so far go to Andrew and Tierney! Easy to follow meal plan and highly focused workouts! Thank you both – I am resolved to stay the course!

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