Weight Loss Ideas


When you want to lose weight and get in shape it usually comes down to two choices. Tweak your eating and add plenty of exercise or start some special nutrition plan. Some times there is a combo but more focus goes one way or the other as well all have preferences.

We have compiled all our relative blog posts for your convenience in trying to sort the situation out and offer distraction from the desire to cheat if not give up on your fat loss/shaping up journey.


“…you are designed to react to calorie restriction with a free cascade of energy producing ‘feel good’ chemicals. The purpose is to allow you to forage and hunt even in the face of starvation. In present day people mistake this stop-gap measure for feelings of health and wellness and that they are doing something good for the body.”


“You can put the best gas and best synthetic oil in a car but if it is a P.O.S. car it just won’t matter…you’ll get the initials just take a second. This is no different than the more common idea that you can have the best exercise, comfortable lifestyle but if you eat poorly you will suffer all the same.”


“If 2.5 years ago you made just a couple of small changes and began losing 1-2 pounds of fat a month…if you started strengthening your body with exercise only 3-4 times a month – you would have made an incredible impact on your present day health and fitness. You would feel and look better in every way.”


“We all want the fun, enjoyable and expected taste of a particular junk food and we get it…period. It provides a solid an almost perfect hunt/gather and get scenario. It’s distracting, it’s entertaining and it is a ‘this is what I want and I get it’ set up and devour situation.”


“Contrary to popular belief it isn’t lack of willpower which affects us most with diet and weight loss, it is a blunting of our better senses because we just don’t want to fight at that moment. The fact is it doesn’t have to be a fight ‘against’ junk food and against temptation…”


“Each has a great nutrient content and each has a unique but not necessarily overwhelming flavor. Again if you need to augment choose a small bit of something satisfying as a side…just a taste or sprinkle on a tiny bit of light cheese which makes an amazing addition because the added fat can be minor but hunger calming.”

and last our short video highlighting our weight correction process.


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