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WefitsoupBig surprise…what you put in your body matters. We apologize in advance for the tone; stick with this it may not be the same old preachy, pushy message you suspect.

We aren’t anymore deluded than you about body fat and nutrition – we don’t pretend to suggest you don’t already understand the need and desire for life sustaining nutrition. The pesky part, the aspect which plagues us all is what in goodness name to do about present day excess body fat and why does it keep coming back so darn easy?!


As the 12th and last chapter of 2014 rolls in your story may be leaving so much unanswered. A pile of New Years hype will hit the waves in less than 30 days urging you to be reborn, recommit and make a change. Like any big change, dealing with dieting is mind set and emotion dependent. This is why we both investigate and implement dieting strategies while seemingly contradicting ourselves explaining the negativity and counter usefulness of dieting. But what about the fat right…what about this friggen body fat!? 1lb_fatShould you just damage control and live with it? Should you get ripped in ten easy steps? Should you accept lackluster health and a body that is unfit or are modern standards all b.s. created to sell, sell, sell!?


If you have followed us before you know we continue to return to the primary theme of person specific solutions. We are clinicians and it is our job to figure out what is not working and then what will work of each individual circumstance. If there was a perfect solution out there, which does work across the board, you’d know and we’d know. Dieticians don’t agree with nutritionists, nutritionists disagree with naturopaths, this doctor says this and that doctor says that. We don’t take sides anymore we just keep learning and applying the fundamental facts to each case to best effect.knowing-yourself-is-the-beginning-of-all-wisdom

A tough part of our continuing education is reconciling all the contrary and counterintuitive information. Thus one of our key approaches is to continue to experiment on ourselves.Strategy2 Yearly and in great detail we configure nutrition strategies to prepare for deadline-based competitions. Even though we aren’t trying to become models or athletes we find applying controlled conditions with clearly defined goals extremely helpful in sorting through the science. Often the chemistry looks good in theory but the biology has other ideas.


On social media we try to show the fun of it to help promote a healthy lifestyle and because a healthy mind set makes a huge difference in outcomes. In the works it is darn tough not just because of the regular things but because being willing to experiment also means being willing to fail. We’re not looking just for our formula but human conditions as well. One thing that should be of special interest to you is we don’t steer towards things we are naturally good at. We try to improve physical performance in a widely varied fashion (like obstacle courses) as well as displaying our physiques under extreme scrutiny of body physique contests. We know people are diverse and to be truly fit we know you must draw on all aspects of health.

So what do we have to offer right here right now solution wise…well all the other articles on our site for starters but lets talk about soup management shall we. Don’t scoff because it turns out the simple unassuming soup is a powerful thing. In fact, all kidding aside the diet supplement industry could be almost destroyed if this info were widely understood. Once you understand soup you may see how it can almost be classified a super food. It is the perfect combination of real, controllable, portable and conformable.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Yes we want to share a few recipes however we want the practical parts to sink in first. Soup has you ingesting plenty of warm fluid great for digestion and soothing parts of the hunger reflex. Furthermore, the consistency can vary widely from thin to substantial even chewable. Next don’t over look that adding sides can be done in a very easily portioned manner and if you commit to a full big bowl the sides won’t ruin a healthy format.nutrients-376x186

When you puree vegetables you can control flavour while delivering dense nutrient content with water. Reflect – taste, lots of micronutrients and water. Unnoticed dehydration, lack of basic vital nutrients and fussiness over taste are three significant reoccurring themes in fitness and health.


Our coaching here isn’t just about food choices or secret mixtures it is about management. If you can’t stand managing your diet it will not work period. You may blame yourself or the diet but it’s just a bad relationship which reaches cross-purposes and falls apart. You must be able to live with the format which means it must not only provide what you need but be manageable to at least some of your want list.


Soup covers a lot of basics and overall reduces the pains of control and hunger. You can transport it fairly easily and prepare in large amounts without too much fuss. Had an extra busy day with piles of stress, maybe you need a few extra calories and comfort. Don’t fall off the wagon just add an extra side or two of something you find satisfying (maybe a bit of cheese or crackers you favor). You can control the plug in and avoid the guilt of giving up because of going bad one evening.

Keep in mind as Fitness Clinicians™ we are versed in the biochemistry AND know our own physiology intimately – yet when it comes right down to enhancing fitness we discover that food management makes or breaks everything.

IMG_2154We started experimenting with more soup as T last prepped for stage and then on into her working into powerlift type exercises and marathon running. A joined in with her with the marathons and we added obstacle courses then into getting leaned out for a November natural bodybuilding contest.



Soup, especially a few particular combo’s proved to be an incredible assistant in keeping energy up, metabolism moving and emotions and mind on track. In fact, given that timeframe for A’s contest cut was the same length as always and everything else remained equal to previous shows, soup is pretty much responsible for achieving an all time best in reducing body fat stores.


We are not suggesting soup for breakfast and though it is a perfect travel solution for lunch it is really an amazing dinner/evening choice. The number one and number two failure instigators we see in people and hear from clients is a) evening cravings and over snacking b) under eating for days then binging. As well as manipulating side additions you can also interchange soups. Perhaps you are halfway into you bowl and it just isn’t cutting it, to light, bit tired of the flavor or maybe you’re just in a difficult mood. You stop, save what left and get out a heavier soup. You can deal with the 8-10 minutes of delay and let the first soup start digesting and get into your system and messages get to your brain. You can avoid freaking out and pigging out and just substitute with a better blanket to warm you. You essentially move from water to foam to smother out the fire and buy yourself some reactionary time.

Ok have a look at these:

Apple Pumpkin Soup

1large can pumpkin purée (organic if available)

1/2 large onion (diced)

1 honey crisp apple (peeled, cored, chopped)

1tbsp light E.V. Olive oil

1 tbsp organic garlic purée

2tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp sweet paprika

1tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp sage

Sea salt to taste (I use 1tsp here at least)

1-2 L Organic Vegetable Broth (depends on how thick you prefer)

1/3 cup light cream or almond milk (optional)

In medium stock pot drizzle oil over diced onion and apple.  Sauté til softened on low heat.  Add spices and sauté for an additional 5 mins.  Add pumpkin, stir and carefully add broth.  Cook on low-medium for 20 mins.  Using emersion blender, carefully blend until smooth.  Finish with touch of cream. Makes 4-6 generous servings.

Cauliflower Pear Bisque

1 tbsp EVOO

1 small onion, diced

1 Anjou pear, cored and chopped

1tbsp sea salt

2 tsp white pepper

2 tsp nutmeg

1-2 tsp garlic powder

1 bag frozen cauliflower florets (or 1 large head chopped fresh)

2 L low sodium Vegetable Broth (organic if possible)

1/3 cup coconut dream milk (optional)

Same process as pumpkin soup.  Always a slow sauté of the onion, pear and spices… Careful not to burn it usually takes 10 minutes on low heat. If using frozen cauliflower you can add it directly to the softened onions and pear.  Cook for 20 mins on low before adding broth and blending. 

‘Creamed’ Carrot Red Pepper Soup

1 pkg frozen Spaghetti blend vegetables

1tbsp EVOO

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp sea salt

2 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp poultry season blend

1/2 tsp turmeric

1/2 tsp Hungarian paprika

1 tsp ginger

1/4 tsp nutmeg

3 cans organic sliced carrots (2 drained, 1 with liquid)

1.5L low sodium Vegetable Broth 

Same basic process as Pumpkin Apple Soup above. If emersion blender is not available you can carefully ladle portions into a standard blender to purée.  Note:  be careful with hot liquids.  Avoid splatters by keeping the vent open at the top of the blender slightly.

Each has a great nutrient content and each has a unique but not necessarily overwhelming flavor. Again if you need to augment choose a small bit of something satisfying as a side…just a taste or sprinkle on a tiny bit of light cheese which makes an amazing addition because the added fat can be minor but hunger calming. The body need micronutrients but craves and cries for carbs which it burns through quick. At the foundation of metabolism needs are fats which break down slowly and purposefully and stabilize your systemic energy needs.


Some plastic containers, maybe a large thermos and wand blender, add a nice big pot and it is all pretty straightforward. There is a tendency to underestimate making friends with food instead of a love hate relationship. Additionally, buying, prepping and consuming your own food makes it personal and helps break deep cycles of denial, avoidance and self-defeating rationalizations.

PhotoFunia-2837dab_o copy

Think about it, so much of our food is pre packaged for convenience even health products are just variations on the processed approach. As well, when we do take time to do some sort of food prep we gravitate towards dense calories and dense physical substances because we want to satisfy the mental fantasy of hunger. Your body doesn’t actually need most of the empty calories we dream of it just doesn’t want to ever face starvation so it plans early.

Do yourself a favor and give at least ‘seven weeks’ of soup a go and compare. You don’t have to wait until the new year and there just isn’t an actual right time. Just pick a day you can devote some time to picking up the goods and prepping and try to have some fun with it. Throw on some cheesy or good seasonal shows or music (we prefer cheesy ;n). Your body deserves the gift.PhotoFunia-67e8db8_o

Be Well…



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