Healthy is Wealthy


Imagine that…we actually believe this and not just metaphorically. Wealth by definition means prosperity and abundance, though it is commonly referring to money and possessions. The fact is, as some forms of prosperity and abundance have peaked in our society, public health continues to waiver and often over spends and creates great debt.

healthwealth14The wealth of health buys you quality of life as well as the richness of having the energy and emotional stamina to be physically involved and engaged. It doesn’t just make you more productive with less down time but also feeds your ability to want to do more. Fitness supports, maximizes and protects your health, it pays huge returns on investment to turn a somewhat cliché phrase.


It may sound like circular logic but small important/personal changes in diet and brief yet potent exercise followed by quality rest (not just more and more body bashing low quality exercise) will drive you to be active and want to be/remain fit. Remember the formula: Diet + Exercise + Rest + Activity = Fitness. When you understand the reason for 4 distinct aspects you stop getting lost and off track which often leads to discouragement and blaming oneself. 


Yes if you have read us before we border on preachy though our saving grace is we walk the walk and have worked with all walks of life. Over the years we have been Fitness Clinicians™ for many affluent folk who have come to us suffering from lack of physical fitness and with serious health risks as well as a host of aches and pains. In time they become as aware as we are, when it comes to your health, time is not to be squandered – time is precious.

The fact is, rather than just wasting all of one’s time and resources finding fancy food, things/stuff and passive pastimes to spend on…an asset like fitness goes beyond traditional forms of wealth. Let us deconstruct a bit to clarify and avoid the more trite references to value.

 healthwealth13We continually remind people “an exercise session isn’t just a physical job that needs to get done”. It doesn’t weaken you or diminish you, it fortifies you and gives back the gift of added energy and resilience. It isn’t about getting through a tough experience and just grinning and baring it – exercise stimulates your own incredible internal resources to create and sustain a healthy you. It is the miracle of recovery and adaptation like the toughening of your palm from gardening or the acclimatizing which takes place as the season changes to winter where in Nov/Dec -5 feels really frigid yet in Feb it seems warm. That is why exercise is distinct from just any physical activity even sports a sedentary, sluggish physique doesn’t want to move, let alone move vigorously, even if you know you will feel good afterwards. The physics fact; a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest applies to many aspects of our nature.


Proof can be see in gyms and fitness studios everywhere where people perform too much sporting ‘action’ moves rather than specific exercise to prepare for general sport and action in the rest of one’s life – similar to only living here online and never really out there in the physical world. It is a natural mistake where you toss, jump or swing your body or a weight in a quick short burst to create momentum to make everyday actions easier. You transfer your force to what you want to move and the actual working parts relax as momentum takes over until you have to stop it with a grab or a landing. It means the structures are unloaded most of the time in favour of the brief yanking explosion which is a time/energy wasting manner to improve your body as well as a repetitive way to almost guarantee cumulative injuries…but that is for another post. Suffice to say momentum is great in your general life and for supporting fitness motivation but during organized exercise anymore than just a little is not recommended. It is just the inherent human tendency to utilize momentum across the board which gets mistakenly mixed up into gym time where people are hyped up to be physical – it’s wrong but shows our instinctive sense that momentum helps …ok we’ll get off of that…for now.


Proper nutrition is the same, it may cost a bit more in time and care but it pays back in physical rewards. Furthermore, attention and understanding of good nutrition is a massive insurance policy against the stress of life. Likewise quality rest and regular activity fuelled per exercise and nutrition balances out your bodies fundamental needs in order to allow for abundance and prosperity in living.


Don’t read us wrong though, we aren’t anti-possessions and we never sell ourselves short. We have worked for years to afford our favorite Nautilus exercise equipment.

IMG_1702 Not just any equipment but specific hard to find pieces. Even after the great time and expense we look forward to accumulating more for years to come. The point here isn’t just a sentimental statement or Scrooge type tale. We all have wants but the need for health and fitness must be a priority. We have seen firsthand the waste, loss and destruction which follows as fitness then health deteriorates.


As well, we aren’t selling some ethereal notion that you can live forever. Our main focus is on adding life to years and helping others maximize what they have so they can better share it with their friends and loved ones. Less basic pain, more strength and endurance equals a clearer mind and more tolerant attitude. Fitness respected sees others respecting you more and though there is no ‘cure-all’ it is clearly a smart way to hedge your bets.healthwealth12

Health deterioration costs and not only in cold hard cash. Fitness is pure preventative medicine and proactive healthcare. Think of fitness as a true you investment.


As We(Fit) move into the new year, and big new things (an announcement is coming soon ;n) we will move on past the why’s and more into the how’s. We will be highlighting exercise techniques and routines with pictures and video detail.  As well our focus will extend to being more specific on food choices and nutrition tips, delving into actual real world fitness living and fitness changes of ourselves and others. Now though is the time for family, friends and reflection. We want to wish you all the best of the season and implore you to know – it is because there are no absolute guarantees to living that fitness matters so much.


Solidifying your health makes it possible to live now, in the now, being your best even during the worst. Strength and endurance lets you see things clearer and helps you to interact with enjoyment and equilibrium.


We look forward with resolve and with genuine interest in your resolve in 2015, until then…prosperity and abundance, be well.





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