Open Letter to Kingston Clients

This is the toughest blog update we have wanted to write. Suffice to say our line of work becomes seriously personal over time. This is also why our departure may have felt abrupt, after so many years servicing all of you there is just no easy way to move on. Truth be known, this has been a while in the works but an official decision wasn’t made until just a month ago. More than anything we want everyone to know we aren’t ‘leaving behind’ we are moving forward. If this was purely a business decision we wouldn’t be starting over from scratch in a new town. At PEC we had the opportunity to meet so many great people and basically intern at what we love. Our need now is to expand our skill-set further and pardon the expression ‘spread the good word’.

We know our service has value…it’s more than that; we honestly know that care filled, individualized resistance training combined with personal nutrition protocols changes lives. It gives you more energy and desire to be active and literally adds life to years. Even your human requirements for rest and recovery are enhanced in quality through clinical fitness. We want to put our ideology to the test, if it is as we think then it can proliferate given the proper respect and nurturing.

More than that we want all of you to know you were valued and we couldn’t have gotten to this point without you. This is why we use the term internship, though we studied large quantities of material for our accreditation most of our schooling took place with you. This is a hands-on expertise and no amount of bio-mechanics text books or neurophysiology research can replace actual human interaction. PEC owner and founder Stephen Downes made the bold move to bring this all to Kingston and you have all responded with amazing support. Succinctly put we thank you, we thank you for your commitment, your time, your effort and your kindness. 

Your fitness matters because your health matters…because you matter. Your attention to fitness sets an example that inspires far more people than you may be aware of. Your willingness to put in the tough intense exercise and to keep coming back speaks volumes about your proactive attitude. What more can we say than keep on keeping on, real fitness is far more rare than mainstream commercialism would have you believe. Remember this is about you being a better you and not in a selfish way. Real fitness makes you a better person to be around and someone who is strong enough to support others should they need it.

Be well, please visit if you get the opportunity…we will miss you all,


Andrew and Tierney


8 Replies to “Open Letter to Kingston Clients”

  1. lesleymbrown says:

    Good luck, miss you forever, thank you for 6 years, see you again, in Ottawa:0))

    • says:

      You had better visit…often ;n) Thank you for being the first and foremost friend and supporter, we wish we could just pack you in with our equipment! See you again – soon.

  2. Richard Chartrand says:

    Where are you moving?

    Richard Chartrand, CFP, CHS, CLU Cell: 613-218-6420 “Wealth is the Result of Man’s Capacity to Think.” Ayn Rand “Think and Grow Rich.” Napoleon Hill 66/200/100/2016

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  3. Terri Murphy says:

    Seriously going to miss my workouts with you but wishing you only the very best! You guys are going to do great! Maybe see you near a stage sometime ;)

  4. Susan says:

    Wishing you Tierney and Andrew the best of luck with your new venture! Well Deserved! Susan Scott

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