The Tao of WeFit

Tao*: the rational basis of human activity or conduct.
Oh no, more heady stuff lacking practical application…well… We actually pride ourselves in joining and ‘fitting’ as it were, so-called mystical, possibly Eastern based experience with the Westernized, supposedly down to earth approach. That is, we have successfully avoided taking sides or playing favourites basically because we are keenly interested in inner workings more than teams or affiliations. Being that we have both always had so much interest in health and fitness, over time you just tend to focus on what works more than who or what brought about its discovery.
As we like to repeat, our personal experience and study has taught us a primary tenant: health and fitness, beyond reactive medicine and superficial appearance, is governed primarily by individuality.  In the simplest terms what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.  A fitness program can be failing you as much as you are failing it. Why do we harp on this and why isn’t it just common knowledge? Best guess is, if you are dissatisfied with your physical state there is a tendency not to want to accept your own bodily conditions and desire someone else’s qualities instead.
IMG_0409This is why on our blog we discuss fitness from a bit of a cerebral point of view – humans tend to live in their heads somewhat disconnected from the rest of their physical body**. We will often camouflage our looks/physique rather than deal with it directly. We use our minds to be clever about how we look physically but actual self acceptance and self understanding of our physical state…well it gets swept under the rug too often.That said there is little need for another website full of generic suggestions or fads to follow let alone selling supposedly amazing/best advice. We decided at the outset that our ‘best’ would be to try to communicate something more fundamental which though it might take time to benefit from may provide truly lasting effects.
The Roadblock
Honestly, here in the personal training business we have seen so much short-term transformation actually cause greater long-term problems. Change of eating and living habits is lets face it, monumentally difficult and what you can handle short-term is quite different from what you tolerate long term.You can always point to a few good choices made here and there but a true complete overhaul is rare. Even where people pay huge amounts of money and commit months of dedication we see crazy high ratio’s of almost total back slide. 
Literally years of analysis makes it clear, at least to us, that the failure rate and exponential increase in public weight problems is not just a matter of people’s lack of desire or effort. Deadly effects of disease which could be staved off with fitness isn’t something people are purposely avoiding addressing. We can all succumb to laziness, procrastination and unhealthy habits at times but we do not honestly think people are always ignoring health and fitness. We see the issue as being a lack of realizing personal responsibility. People have the impression we all basically have health and some reasonable level of fitness to start with and go ahead and spend it until it runs low or even runs out. Then there is the scramble to get more as it dwindles or worse going with the misguided notion of trying to hand over all responsibility to the medical profession. Plenty of life savers will try to help and others are more than willing to sell superficial quick fixes but the outcome is undeniable – on whole our public health and fitness levels leave a lot to be desired. 
The Tao or ‘way’ of WeFit is simply making it fit for you. You don’t try to fit yourself to something/somebody else, you take the parts and combine them to your specifics. We have found this works a) because everyone has their own genetic influences and personal needs/lifestyle b) It places responsibility and thus action and understanding not so much where it should be but where it has to be.
This of course all ties in with our last article detailing the principles and meaning which gave birth to the WeFit logo. The idea to stylistically represent applying the original Nautilus principles in a modern setting. The setting is you, male or female, young or old, with this trait or that as suggested by our Yin Yang inspired border. Within this frame you see the Nautilus seed amongst the flux derived from a larger Nautilus which represents basic human dynamic changing states. 
Yes it’s just a logo but for us it can serve as a conversation starter. Most people concerned about their health have little or no knowledge of the origin of Nautilus principles let alone our present day application of such. It’s true earlier on we took perhaps a bit of egocentric pride that we worked with Nautilus technology that was either forgotten or misunderstood. We felt pleased with our uniqueness. Now as we have learned why there were complications delivering the Nautilus way we wish to promote a more open system. 
What had happened was the Nautilus way was so heavily built on exposing the inappropriate aspects of prominent fitness trends the ‘people’ part got a little lost.  To his full credit Nautilus equipment founder Arthur Jones was fighting a tough battle to bring fitness into the rational realm of science and medicine and dispelling myths and fraud was priority. Sometimes in a difficult fight the cause gets a tad foggy. As the Nautilus boom was so immediate the message got watered down and by ’86 Jones had gone on to try again with MedX medical machines. 
The point here is to admit that WeFit is not claiming to be a miraculous invention but rather a refining of the use of technology while redefining the interaction with the interface…people…humans.
In upcoming posts we will visit our application of the Nautilus principles as it relates to ‘how to exercise and maximize fitness’. We promise the Tao of WeFit is all inclusive, the only requirement being the desire to take charge of your own personal healthcare.
Be Well,
Andrew & Tierney
* A truly enjoyable parable which operates as a good introduction tao-m
** Sam Harris great primer and thinker on the subject in this recent video: 

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  1. David James says:

    Great information! Nicely laid out!

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