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*Warning: may contain minor philosophical leanings.

As we continue to disseminate and promote our fundamental ideology, the importance of trying to best encapsulate our experience and knowledge grows. For us fitness reaches well beyond physical performance or physical appearance. We continue to repeat that this, for us, is honestly about health and healthcare. This is proactive medicine and we are not shy to say so.

As a concept it is straightforward – the quality of our lives depends heavily on our health and our health is inextricably linked to our fitness.

People are somewhat fascinated by fitness but this this is not translating properly into a general improvement in human health and quality of living. As Fitness Geeks/Fitness Clinicians™ our bias is having almost zero connection with the idea of putting off fitness, being disinterested in what we eat or not ‘feeling’ like exercising. For us it has always been a matter of necessity, something we would have to choose not to do rather than ever really needing to push ourselves into it. It has taken time for us to understand what we see as a disconnect between peoples desire for the effects of good fitness and the actual application of it’s workings.

As nutrition, recovery and exercise science expands there is a natural backlash of ‘growing pains’. There are plenty of debates and miscommunication about advancements and recommendations. Piled on top is, as we have mentioned plenty of times previously, the good ol ‘grab for the gold’. Fitness has thus far been sort of a loose, free-for-all in the sales sector, which certainly hasn’t helped in clarifying things. The positive is we are moving forward and it is our perspective that fitness and health are slowly merging as concepts in the world at large.

 Social-Media1With the sheer volume of information, pitches and connections available now it is tough to as we said at the outset ‘encapsulate’ our point of view. While we avoid overestimating our possible impact we never underestimate the truth and importance of our message. With a light-hearted spirit we labeled our brand WeFit, it is a nice suggestion that we personally and professionally belong together, offering both the male and female angles. Then there is the tip of the hat to the over arching point that we know fitness needs to be treated as personal – person specific, that it is our mission to assist people in fitting its parts to their individual make-up.

Conceivably WeFit is somewhat corny but it stuck because it lacked any pretense and is…well easy to remember. 


Now with modern social media and internet proliferation there comes a time when a little logo can help make it easier for folks to find us. Having worked hard to maintain a consistent, hopefully useful message, it matters to us to keep it anchored to our roots. With the societal race to find something special even spectacular we wish to maintain a full grip on what actually matters when the rubber hits the road.

NautilusShellGoodness knows there is zero need for another over stylized, fad heavy format, if you are just looking for a passing fancy and some play then you don’t need our input. To this end we chose to go with a version of the Nautilus shape because for us it is…no exaggeration…brimming with meaning. This is why we are bothering to make a blog post about it, we’re not just trying to wave a flag or pat ourselves on the proverbial back. Writing about this affords a brief chance to touch on a couple of our lesser known affiliations and influences.


Basically our pic is just a cropped Nautilus shape, the interesting thing being that the cropping instantly reveals another Nautilus inside. Maybe you guessed it, this happened by accident and is simply one of those things you look and look for because you know you’ll know it when you see it.

17d08b33402ed6507a49b9087c0048d3Without going too deep into a diatribe on Fractals and Fibonacci sequences the Nautilus shape does represent an inherent design and tendency in nature. The Nautilus is often referred to when discussing the divine proportion http://www.keplersdiscovery.com/DivineProportion.html and natures inclination towards the use of spirals and reintroduced and reproduced geometry packed within, allowing for infinite information density. If you are so inclined and curious this fellow is downright cutting edge not to mention fun and interesting on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgHLYHWGWPI                              3b GalaxySpiral 719x680

The point here is summed up nicely in the notion that the Nautilus geometry as with the Nautilus shell: suggests that it can keep growing forever. There is no design for a “final” chamber. This gels nicely with our sense that fitness forever fuels health and quality of life…that a life well lived, fuels others in ones life and so on. We think this is a valuable notion but the inspiring thing is it doesn’t stop there.

02semple.600The original teachings our skill-set is built on and began with Nautilus equipment founder Arthur Jones http://www.arthurjonesexercise.com . To make a long story short he gave birth or at least rebirth to the notion of rational, logical exercise and it’s relation to medicine. The name came from the Nautilus shape similarity with the variable resistance cams used in Nautilus exercise equipment.

nautilus-cam-pullover nautoldnewcornerThese (and the concept of them because there are different ways to create this) are used to allow for proper tension to be delivered to ones body parts as they move through their biomechanically sound range of motion during exercise. We are literally collectors of this equipment and have grown all our abilities from this initial robust seed.


Perhaps these connections are little more than coincidence but in our experience there truly isn’t ‘anything new under the sun’. We see that nature already contains and utilizes the engineering and science we work to discover and recreate. In other words our logo is a reminder that when all is said and done what we really offer and suggest is – discover your nature and how to best strengthen it to help you remain healthy.

frond200wsandy-simetryIncredible-Fractals-in-nature-12OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the business of weight loss, exercise, rehabilitation, sport and fitness trends the push is usually to ‘join/join–in’ but it doesn’t need to mean to outright copy. We are not each of us alone if we uphold our uniqueness. We all share human traits and natural links, the key with fitness is to find the measures and combinations which suit us personally. These measures will even be unique to the timeframe they are applied/experienced because you are alive and experience things organically and dynamically. We live in a state of constant change but if you always allow the same changes you may appear to stay the same short term but degrade unnecessarily long term ( for an interesting, in-depth discussion on the subject see out blog post: https://wefit.ca/2013/12/31/time-is-change/ IMG_1303 )

If anything when you see our logo we want you to be reminded that even though the stress of life can and does crop you with time, inside you contain plenty more ability to regenerate, adapt and reinforce yourself. This is how fitness works, exercise stimulates your body to rehabilitate and fortify itself.

fractal_nature_04   image   259e9eb4c5d0c1997f680397c31af313This life giving process takes place after your activity, during rest and recovery afforded by good nutrition and reasonable downtime. In a very real sense the actual answers always come from within…you. Until next time, be well.


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