You are not an Ornament


The pics above (yes thats us just having fun ;n) if you missed it before, is from when we launched the blog, here we have put it into a context for…even more fun? We just wanted to put a face on our names and enjoy some seasonal fun. It’s funny because we never debated what we would address here and how we would write it/present it but we did fret over pictures because in this industry pictures tell lies that a large part of the market relies on.


As physique competitors we know full well that the truth is in symmetry and conditioning for real healthy beauty but such is only a small part of the total fitness picture. Beauty is not actually health though being fit can be beautiful in the true meaning of aesthetics (balance and proportion).  Unfortunately there are many superficial measures we are inherently drawn to which matter little towards actual health.

PhotoFunia-67dc906The fitness industry preys on looks like ‘big pharma’ preys on fear. It’s easy because pictures are simple to use to create the illusion of beauty. If this generations obsession with ‘selfies’ has taught us anything it is how pretty much anyone can make themselves look supposedly more desirable in some manner through camera angles and lighting [].



As with all our somewhat lofty generalized suggestions we want you to remember when making fitness decisions (time, effort, money etc) work from the inside out.


You are not intended to be ornate in nature, you are meant to be in motion. Forget about judging your self by a two dimensional image and live 3D! Seriously not only does that sad measure not add up to health but it can’t be achieved by faking it.


You will age and you will be seen from all sorts of angles lol – your supposed flaws will be exposed! The take home here is they are only flaws if they need to be changed for health and were caused by lack of health. Even then the word flaw doesn’t truly apply but we won’t go too deep into it right now.



This holiday season rather than being a martyr denying yourself the fruits of living, open up… you others stop with the “I give up” game where you’ll never achieve better fitness so you drown in excess. Instead enjoy your…well life force says it in a phrase… perhaps then you can better remember to cherish it in the New Year – all the best in 2014!

Back soon…


Be well,

Tierney and Andrew

One Reply to “You are not an Ornament”

  1. Toby Clay says:

    Hi Tierney and Andrew,
    So true – the holiday season isn’t an excuse to do nothing, you have more free time so you should use that time effectively and work on your health.

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