The Wisdom of Fitness

This is a good quote (spotted on the introduction page of the book ‘Grain Brain’) and it is possibly the best of its type.


Many avoid talking about, thinking about and doing something about health…until it’s lacking.  Fitness isn’t much different. As a supporter of health – fitness can be compartmentalized as an interest rather than a staple of life…until it is needed and isn’t there.

We are primarily strength and conditioning experts, that is to say our fitness foundations relating to exercise are founded in building lean mass (strong muscle, bones, connective tissue). Functionality, endurance etc. all flow from this. Because of this we have long been aware of how sarcopenia afflicts people over time ( Thus we understand the wisdom of regular exercise and the proactive health benefits of fitness.

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What is tough to translate in everyday language is just how important fitness actually is. Regular folk simply agree but with the adjunct that this is true but more important to those who are ‘into fitness’.

Fitness (proper exercise, nutrition, activity and rest) isn’t a like or dislike. It is something you either lack (or have) with regards to your health and physical make up. Some people have plenty of fitness and barely ever work on the four aforementioned elements, they simply have great genetics for such. Others struggle and need to keep a close eye on it. You can ignore your fitness but as it is a part of you well as the saying goes…

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Quips aside the point is getting and being in shape is a reasonable task which gets tougher the longer you avoid it. Some conditions are irreversible and there is of course no cure for age related death as of yet. Fact is, it is wise to take care of your self early with minimal time and effort rather than be consumed with the panicky patchwork of post physical problem solving.


Maintaining order rather than fixing disorder is what we are talking about with regards to balance. If you’re really busy for a while – follow with major consideration for rest. Exercise to sustain the demands of activity. Eat to replenish. Get strong and stay strong, you will need strength later.

Though there is money in it we don’t support the notion of being ‘the fit couple’, as in people to emulate if you ‘want to be into the fitness thing’. We don’t support the idea that fitness is about being a certain type of person. Fitness is for everyone and can come in all shapes and sizes. As with how our expert training and nutrition methodologies work…it’s individual.  Individualism reigns supreme with healthcare and fitness.  What works best for one person will not always be the same for another. Fitness is not like a choice of what sport to play. It isn’t even a way of life…it is a way to protect your life, in both quantity and quality.


It is odd how much harder people will work to have security and comfort by way of money verses health even though fitness is a sure fire way to get both. Few want to budget time and money for fitness, which is senseless. Even a cursory understanding of ones body and health makes it clear fitness is important. Health issues will cost you time and money and more.  Lack of fitness slows you down and makes you less capable of seeking comfort and security.

Fads are misleading and out of shape doctors are as much to blame for modern societies disconnect from physical fitness as anything. Drugged up athletes and starving models aren’t much help either.  If there is one simple message we wish to promote it is:

Fitness isn’t special…it is essential

Being in shape just means you aren’t out of shape, just like being well means you aren’t unwell. It is the state of preserving your state as best as possible. There is no super health, no ultimate answer, it can look like magic but there is solid exercise and nutrition behind the scenes.


Things change…we change, the human body adapts, don’t use your fitness and it fades. Getting fit, being fit, being into fitness isn’t really about changing yourself into something else let alone someone else – It’s about choosing how you will change during your life.

Until next time be well,

Andrew and Tierney

– WeFit

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