Fat message hijacked

For a few years now there has been much debate over body image and fat shaming. In the online world the nuance was quickly lost.

The fitness world is severely guilty of selling starvation diets (low calorie schemes) and quick fixes. This has lead to a horrible proliferation of self-loathing in people with endomorphic (heavy-set) physiques.

The problem is obesity is skyrocketing and one of the top contributors to poor outcomes when facing disease in general. The fitness industry must own its negative impact every bit as much as the food industry should.

Ultimately early education and productive/positive methods must be used to help this healthcare crisis. The world of media which cashes in on starved and drugged models is just as quick to pretend to offer the counter message.

It is time we put and end to letting manipulation and fads hijack healthcare.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew & Tierney

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