In part 1 we addressed how the pandemic has exposed the overwhelming aggravating effect of age related frailty and poor fitness on mortality from disease. We see this as a cultural problem rather than just a matter of happenstance.

When you consider that access to booze, drugs, junk food, bulk food and passive entertainment have remained a top priority during quarantine while fitness is completely ignored says it all. Even though we now have monumental amounts of “co-morbidity” data we see no healthcare professionals promoting taking your physical fitness serious in the face of ongoing viral outbreak.

It’s simple, if people on whole got in 50% better shape then the risk of hospitals being over run by poor infection outcomes would drop significantly. If the public was promoted to protect their bodies with fitness we would subsequently protect our ICU’s. As proactive healthcare professionals we think it is easy to conclude that such could be on par with social distancing etc as a control measure. 

The fact that this has been overlooked is proof of the wide spread cultural problem – a lack of education and respect for self-care.

To be Continued…

Be well, be strong

Andrew and Tierney


  1. Mike Courneya says:

    Tierney and Andrew,

    Great blog!

    I agree that our society has drifted away from self-care as a priority to leading a healthy, longer life. Personally, it’s a struggle for me and I strive for constant improvement.

    What do you think has to happen for our culture to pivot from our current course? Is the Titanic of a healthy culture already sinking or is it possible to miss the iceberg? If this pandemic does not encourage change, what will? I would be interested in your thoughts.

    Maybe another blog?


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