Don’t Fall for it!

Have you noticed that things appear to change all the time but in another way they seem to stay the same?

“Organic life is often successfully sustained by a process of renewal.”

You can see this following the fall season through winter to spring. What appears as a dying off is just a big cycle of regeneration. In general the organic world takes advantage of cycles – breaking itself down and reusing the fundamental constituents.

You guessed it…so do we at WeFit. Our type of strength training is the organic renewal approach to heal your body.

Proper strength training (focused, safe and intense) stimulates a breaking down of tissues which causes your body to adapt. Your increased stamina and strength allows you to sustain a higher quality of life for longer while protecting you against stress.

Don’t see the temporary challenge of change as losing anything…it’s all about renovating your health!

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Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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