The Strength Diet Part 3

The next most important part of dieting isn’t your food choices but your exercise choice. If you can’t…bare minimum…maintain your muscle as you lose weight you will be sealing your fate to failure.

When you diet you eat less than your body needs to live thus it burns your stored resources. Your body fat is NOT your primary source of stored fuel. The sugar (glycogen) in your muscles IS.

Basically what happens is your body keeps eating up your tissues and if you let it eat your muscle your end point will be a significantly slowed metabolism. This means you will gain back the fat at a faster rate than before you started your diet!

You must focus on your muscle just as you need to keep getting a proper nutrient profile, failure to do this will make your fat loss an erosion of your basic health and slowly sicken you over time even if you don’t initially notice the side effects.

Continued in part 4:

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