Strength…as simple as ABC?

Fitness fads proclaim all sorts of things but the quietest secret in strength training is “consistency”. When you do what is needed to stay consistent with getting and staying in shape you have literally done it all.

1. To be consistent your exercise sessions must be like a medical appointment. You avoiding missing because your health and life depends on it period.

2. You must exercise safely and avoid cumulative problems which turn into injuries and make it tough if not impossible to stick to weekly workouts.

3. Proper nutrition and rest is the support underneath your ability to keep training regularly. When these go sideways so does your exercise consistency.

Clearly we could go on and on but suffice to say this sums up with:

“Always Be Consistent”.

Dare we call it a golden rule? Regardless it is an easy way to keep an eye on your fitness. If strength training stays consistent the outcome is great. Fix the things which stop consistency and the rest falls into place!

Be well, be strong…be consistent,

Andrew and Tierney

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