Why didn’t I lose weight! Part 2

As we talked about in part 1 the common approach is to try and work off your unwanted body fat with cardio activity. Furthermore it is just as common to try and lose huge amounts of weight in months rather than years. Years just sounds overwhelming because likely you have been putting off trimming down for quite a while already.

Here is more tough honest truth. In all the decades we have been personal training we have never seen anyone who lost significant weight in less than a year… keep that weight off. Even more concerning is that most who lose a pile of weight in less than a year actually gain back more than they originally had to deal with.

Imagine, you stick to a goal of 2 pounds of fat loss per month, thats just 1/4 pound per week. Very sustainable and doable right? Now there is good evidence that it can take easily 18 months minimum for your body to accept a new lower body fat state. So even though this rate of slimming down sounds painfully slow the upside is permanence and avoiding the difficult trap of the yo-yo effect in dieting.

In 24 months (sounds better than 2 years ;n) thats 48 lbs of fat loss and if you do it right it is all fat loss and not the typical metabolism destroying weight loss from fad diets. Slow and steady wins the difficult race against body fat levels which ruin your health and life. More to come…

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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