Priorities…public health officials are failing.

When monumental events occur in life it is always prudent to reprioritize. Doing so gives you momentum to overcome the challenges while minimizing long-term problems.

We feel a massive opportunity has been missed by our medical community and health officials. So much effort has been made prioritizing basic simplistic protocols like social distancing, cleanliness and masks and no fundamental health and wellness advice.

Before you get the wrong idea be fully aware that our Ottawa personal training studio has always been set up for total control of social distancing and cleanliness. Long before this pandemic we designed our space with a coded locked door with no general public access and only 2 clients and 2 trainers in the studio at any given time. For us health concerns have always been top priority.

It is just too obvious to us that the fight has been bogged down in getting the public to take the outbreak serious enough to slow its spread. The thing is how do you expect any part of the public who doesn’t take responsibility for their personal physical condition seriously, to be concerned about infection/disease?

The recommendations have all centred around death rather than the important issue of susceptibility. Out of shape people should be as worried as the elderly and this should be made clear. The focus needs to be on general health and self-care not just avoidance.

“Physical strength/fitness is capable of protecting you from the effects of viruses (and all disease) it needs to be a top priority.”

A golden opportunity is being missed to encourage our country to treat ourselves with physical self-respect. Viruses aren’t going away and hospitals need to be left as clear as possible to handle accidents and worse case scenarios. There are no cures. Vaccines are virus specific and transmissible diseases are not going to go away. Being prepared by staying in shape is just sensible on every level.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

2 Replies to “Priorities…public health officials are failing.”

  1. Maurice Chartrand says:

    Good post … don’t like the headline.

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