Exercise and Covid 19

Part 1.

Can good come during bad times? What qualifies us to comment at all on a pandemic crisis?

Over many years we have been in close touch with our clients (every week) with regards to their health. We have seen the trends and against a repeatable, controlled backdrop of exercise protocols we note health impacts relatively unobscured.

We can note lack of sleep, nervous energy levels, oncoming sickness etc. We also know that exercise is medicine. And as proactive medicine it works best.

We chose to create a secure private facility, our entrance is a coded door lock never open to the public and sessions are strictly one on one with only two trainers. We wanted full control of our environment and full understanding of those who we give access.

Getting and staying strong IS medicine and can be enjoyable but must be handled seriously. The era of strength loss and becoming weak and sedentary has made us vulnerable and it is completely avoidable.

In part 2 we will talk about the real truth behind strength and your immune system…

Be well, be strong.

Andrew and Tierney

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