Zero Calorie Dips!

Yes you guessed it we love all sorts of dips and…all sorts of dips. Mustard for instance could be considered a zero calorie dip and so can a bench dip. We know not that funny but two question we get all the time are:

1) What exercise burns the most fat?

2) What is a decent low calorie food choice?

If you know us you know we are big on the truth and the truth is there is no single answer. Exercise will use body fat to fuel it but it also signals the preservation of fat. With food if you won’t stick to eating the ‘best’ choice over long periods (years) the question becomes mute.

All types of intense exercise sessions burn about the same amount of calories per individual but there is a large discrepancy when comparing person to person. Those with stronger engines (muscles) burn more than those with less. Whether those muscles were built or born the fact is only muscle burns calories.

The food needs to be palatable and contain nutrients your body will regularly ask for and enjoy. The exercise choice is only as good as your bodies ability to take advantage of it. If you can stick to the food choice and the exercise choice it has a fighting chance.

One of our all time favourite exercises is actually the dip in its many forms. The dip is safe and you can really activate a lot of tissue at once. If you are strong enough it actually could be considered a negative calorie dip as the energy cost is super high.

And don’t overlook mustard, most types have little or no calories in them and can at the very least be used to cut other dips making them just as tasty while lowering their caloric load.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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