Dieting makes you weak.

The reoccurring disaster in the fitness world is people dieting just for their looks and then rebounding hard right after finishing a diet. They blame themselves even though they were set up for failure from the start.


We have mentioned it in our blogs over the years that during fat loss you are starving (consuming less nutrients than you need to survive) thus it weakens you. Literally living off your own fat stores is an emergency reflex of preservation for primitive humans.

During initial fat loss you feel better because:

1. You are doing something to improve for yourself.

2. You are giving your digestion a rest.

3. Your body releases chemicals to help you continue hunting and foraging even though it is weakened by lack of calories.

This state doesn’t last, willpower is pushed to the brink and eventually there is systemic backlash. The trick is to be prepared for it and focus first on having plenty of strength and stamina so your fat loss doesn’t become a general tissue loss situation (loss of lean mass as well as fat).


Remember you won’t lose body fat if you eat what your body needs to live on each day, you must be lower and thus force yourself to live off of your fat stores. Look around your town and see the grand failure of the nutrition industry to help with the situation. The answers won’t come from another fad diet book.


The answer is to be strong and healthy eating lots of good nutritious food. Once you are feeling good enough to be active…active like when you were young, then you can contemplate a careful calorie restriction. In many cases people don’t even need to cut calories much at all to drop fat. Often added strength and lean mass raises your metabolic rate and reduces stress to the point that your body naturally makes moves toward equilibrium.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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