Exercise Patience

Getting and staying fit and healthy with exercise, decent rest and reasonable nutrition takes time. It is medicine but not a drug. Proper strength training should be precise but it isn’t surgery you are tapping into your natural internal ability to heal.



A good example is the neck and shoulders. These joints and related tissues are delicate and if allowed to weaken they fall apart fast. After they have weakened and your bones no longer track properly when you move it is a delicate process to try to get them back to normal let alone extra strong for protection against aging.



The weaker your muscles get over time the trickier it is to get things moving in a safe manner while lifting enough weight to make and actual difference. The weight stimulates the tissues to strengthen but if you don’t move properly this can be awkward.


With all proper exercise slow and steady wins every time, you need to be patient and refuse to give up. You didn’t get weak overnight so give it time to get better. It is common to be very enthusiastic at the beginning of an exercise program but the only ones who actually receive the health benefits are those who are still at it years later.

Don’t make exercise your life or in time other things, including good things, will distract you and in time you will lose all you have built. Fit your workouts into your regular schedule just like running any standard weekly errand. In time you will see the sense in this as looking better, moving better and feeling better become your new norm.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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