Weak in the knees?


Your knees are simple hinge joints and are susceptible to injury as well as overall wear and tear. Here we address a method to super strengthen them with tons of weight yet in a very controlled and safe manner. The stronger the muscles are around your knees the more stable and safe they are.


The secret is a little known fact about muscle strength in that you are approximately 40% stronger when elongating a muscle as compared to contracting it. That means you can lower a lot more weight than you can lift. Here in this demo video we take advantage of this to super load the muscles around the knees for maximal strengthening without aggravating them.

Here you pick weights on the leg extension and prone leg curl which are about 60% of what you would normally use. You lift with both legs but lower with only one leg taking advantage of your extra elongating strength. GO SLOW. Don’t start lowering until the weight is perfectly still after lifting. Lift – pause – lower. Switch which leg lowers after each repetition. Once you notice you can no longer start the lowering process from a full dead stop discontinue the set.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


2 Replies to “Weak in the knees?”

  1. Josee Henderson says:

    Very timely! I’ve just been diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis in my knee ;)

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