Hardest shoulder exercise you’ve never tried…

Shoulders like your hips MUST be your strongest body parts because everything goes through them and relies on them. As personal trainers we always look for ways to make exercises more intense yet remain safe. Often the way to do this is use less weight while reducing your bodies mechanical leverage. Long story short this exercise is a killer, down right hellish burn yet super safe, easy to perform and very effective.


With this movement you will need only a simple bar and you should ‘underestimate’ the weight you will need, in the video we use just a 45 lb bar and that is enough. This is both a perfect warm up exercise or a perfect finisher.

Take your time here with a slow rhythmic action. Don’t give in to the burn, you will be surprised how may reps you can actually get. Stay in upright posture, do not sway too much or twist neck too much, just focus on your breathing. Make your goal to see sparks come off your shoulders. That is to say – forget about trying to endure the burn but see just how much you can create!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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