Fat and Judgement

Trying to lose weight/fat loss is tough enough without the fact that so few professionals admit all the facts.
A big reason why it is so tough to drop body fat isn’t just lack of willpower it is basic old variation in the way we look – different body types – different family genetics. This DOESN’T mean some people can’t lose fat what it means is we all look different as we drop that fat and we all weigh different. This is why so many get obsessed with the number on the scale even though they suspect something is not right.
Neither the scale or the way you look are accurate measures of health or body fat levels. Many lose plenty of weight then wonder why they gain it back so quick – this is often the result of excessive water and muscle loss using unsustainable diet formats. Others lose plenty of fat but it doesn’t really show big numbers on the scale or in the way they look.
The honesty you deserve is that the way you look and the weight on the scale are far more influenced by your body type, body shapes and how the size of certain parts of your body make other parts look (ex. narrow shoulders make your waist look large and wide shoulders make your waist look small). Also balance and symmetry has a massive effect which allows certain people who are higher body fat look lower and vice versa. Add to this that you are mostly made of water and how water retention is strongly affected by carbohydrates and salts and…well it’s tough to judge things so…
Stick to keeping your body strong and consistently teaching yourself to eat good foods while learning to be reasonable on whole about how much you eat day to day, week to week. It is only over extended time with commitment to consistency you will find true health, wellness, strength and fitness. Stop swinging back and forth from picking on yourself to ignoring yourself, there is only wasted time and effort at the extremes.
Work on the best version of you and give it time but keep giving it your best.
Be well, be strong,
Andrew and Tierney

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