What matters…


We love new technology as much as the next person yet we cringe at most of the fitness fads which come along each year. The worst in our opinion are the diet schemes but exercise has plenty of culprits as well.


What matters…is that what made fit healthy bodies is the same as it was last year and the years before…consistently getting and staying strong partnered with not over eating, staying active and getting proper rest. There is no quick way or easy way. There is no undiscovered magical method to circumvent consistently exercising your muscles year in year out.


It is when you compare your body and what you need to someone else that things go off track. You need to take a personal approach to self-care and allow plenty of time (and patience) to figure out your individuality all the while sticking steadfast to the basics.


What matters…is you and your health, your life and your strengths. As personal trainers we certainly know the advantage of the help of an educated, experienced professional as well as technologically sound equipment yet it doesn’t matter most. What matters most is you and your desire to start where you are with what you have and know that you have not failed if you haven’t quit.

Invest in yourself and create your legend.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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