Naked truth


You can imagine as personal trainers people ask us everyday to improve the way they look. Nothing says I love you like looking great naked right…but if we’re not careful this can head to a negative place quickly, the key is to plant the seed we call symmetry.

When you focus on getting strong your body becomes more balanced looking and you develop symmetry of form and function. This coupled with improved posture and the body language that comes with greater energy and confidence is very attractive.


Looks are not the goal however they are just a healthy byproduct of getting strong. Don’t let the fad part of fitness fool you, you cannot, even with cosmetic surgery, change your body type. We will never be Brad and Angelina…we are Andrew and Tierney.


You need to be careful to direct your focus to your weaknesses and not just play to your strengths but getting and staying strong as we age IS the way to rooting your health in permanence. Stress can temporarily knock the bloom off the plant but strong roots are the means to healthy regrowth. 

Dip deep and develop your strength.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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