Strength or Cardio!?

In keeping with this years ‘Strong Roots’ theme we are going to dig down (couldn’t resist ;n) and answer some of the fundamental questions we are hit with almost every day. As we heavily promote strength training we of course are always asked about cardio…except when we put a client through a strength and stamina session.


Once balanced strength is built and all a clients ‘favoritism of function’ is dealt with we can get to adding stamina. Strength training properly performed will knock your cardio for a loop. The issue is people just don’t strength train properly. They cheat movements with momentum and rest too long between sets. Now keep in mind we aren’t suggesting bootcamp style, supposed ‘cross training’ to bring in cardio, just too many injuries crop up there. What we are suggesting is controlled, intense strength sets linked closely together all with proper form.


It is straightforward the more muscle you use while exercising the more oxygen you will need. The part most people do not understand is without heavy weight very little muscle is used. This is why you can learn to run for long periods on skinny legs but – NOT up steep hills. The added weight of the incline taxes not just your legs but your cardio very quickly…get it!?


Just have a quick peek at the video at the bottom of this recent blog post:

You can see Mike performs only 6 short sets in under 9 minutes, all controlled, smart and safe and by the end he is already sucking for wind and energy in general. Now do that 2 more times and in under a half hour you are getting all the strength and cardio you need. Any other added cardio activity in your life will be just that – fun activity or sport specific training. And as always if this doesn’t ring true to you please come for a complimentary visit and test drive.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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