Growth has roots


New promises for the New Year test our resolve and far too often…much too often promises are broken. It is almost a running gag how folks declare positive change at the turn of the calendar year yet it always seems the more things change the more they stay the same.

The question is why, is it just because as they say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” or is it simple lack of willpower? In our business we know a thing or two about change, big change – tough change and here is what we have learned.


It is never for lack of want that people fail at achieving their desire for big change, some may be off base about what it will take but usually the primary goal is honest in nature. The fly in the ointment, the bug in the system, is always the same: a lack of foundation, grounding or what we like to call ‘roots’.

To create big change as with going from weak to strong, from out of shape to fit, doesn’t just come from a huge act of revelation.  It only succeeds fully if it is accomplished through building roots. You make one small productive reach, then another and another. You don’t worry about rushing, your concern is only with a single premise: Consistency


If you do not set down roots to feed your goal, change, if any, will be fleeting. We have lost count at all those we have heard of changing with the best of intentions, even achieving some serious milestones only to lose it all in time. Roots feed your growth while anchoring your values and needs so they are tougher and tougher to chop down with self-doubt, fatigue or plain old impatience and frustration.

Roots are built by doing the small things at regular intervals come rain or shine, on cold days and warm. This system then allows the big aspect of physical, mental and emotional change to  flourish spontaneously. The impossible-looking outward gains just unfold, expand and strengthen in an unforced manner. The biggest, toughest pieces such as dealing with social situations around food, and finding time and energy to keep up exercise just organize voluntarily.


When you just keep rooting through, daily, consistent ‘less than glamorous acts’ the real change takes hold. Your new behaviors and new strength literally takes root and grows in a natural way without a constant feeling having to coerce things into submission.

This is our theme for 2017, build strong roots and reap the benefits of a strong subsystem powering you from deep inside where it counts. In this latest trip around the sun let’s develop something lasting so the weathering we take from the stressors of life and time can be easily met with nutrients from a stronger deeper more permanent place.

Best to you and yours and thank you sincerely for a great 2016!

Andrew and Tierney


Strong Roots


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