Battery Strength

“The single most important part of any project is the battery, the source of energy, the optimism and effort that turns the long shot into the sure thing, one day at a time.”

– Seth Godin, from blog post: Batteries not included [ ]


After reading this a light bulb went on – the notion of batteries and energy storage is highly applicable to strength. You body provides you with energy and the stronger you are the more stored and instantly available power you have.


Certainly you take in water, air and nutrients as catalysts to your energetic reactions but your body stores power. Body fat is a form of stored energy but it only allows a bare minimum of power akin to a candle…just enough to get by in case of blackout. Your muscles and having strong supportive sub-systems (cardiac, neurological, endocrine etc) make up your ‘now’ power.

There are all sorts of metaphors to attach like how and when to recharge, what happens when you don’t recharge properly with age ( half charges/battery memory) but suffice to say strength is an energetic individuals best friend. You literally produce heat and electricity along with what unfolds through action/inaction as your ‘quality’ of life.

Athlete by Howard Schatz


Strength comes in all sizes and shapes and the bottom line is having a full charge is fundamental to being in charge of your health (pun intended ;n).

Build your batteries folks…power up!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney




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