The failure of being busy

The number one excuse for being out of shape is lack of time to exercise. While anyone doing honest introspection knows there is actually time to exercise the truth is actually a lack of viable scheduling and commitment. In other words, if it was cancer treatment appointments…you’d be there.

Now compound this with the fitness industry having jumped on the quick fix ‘immersion’ bandwagon (exercising 4-6 days a week) and the result – only a small percentage of the population is benefiting from being physically fit past about 25 years of age. The statistics are brutal but we won’t beat that drum, just look around.

Business people are the best and the worst culprits where the top performers all have personal trainers and consistent strength routines yet the rest…are falling apart and know it.

What is not well known in North America but relatively common in much of Europe is our style of brief, controlled intense strength and stamina training. It is quite specialized and requires training but offers the extra benefit of needing less than an hour a week to work.


Sounds like a sales pitch but real H.I.T as detailed in ‘Body by Science’ is easily as effective as any exercise protocol and more so because true ‘go getters’ can adhere to it long term where the BIG health success is found.

Don’t take our word for it we’re biased of course – investigate Body by Science on book or youtube and find out that there is a way to be successful without sacrificing your body and in fact performing at a much higher level in general.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney



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