You know what’s really scary?!

Your health can be the cause for joy or horror but the actual scary part is how poorly link between strength and death has been draw by the medical community. In reality a short straight line can be traced between physical weakness and practically ALL disease, basically no strength = no health.

If you have lost strength/muscle over time you are 100% susceptible to:

  • Slowed metabolism and increased chance of fat gain.
  • Highly vulnerability to spinal and all joint pain and injury.
  • Low energy thus low output = reduced use of all your bodies organs including heart and lungs.
  • Weakness means all stressors even small ones are more of a burden on you immune system and consequently your immune system is busy and taxed when it should be destroying cancer cells.

The answer is not to fear exercising with heavy weights. As long as you move slow in a controlled manner you can surprise your muscles into getting strong and scare away weakness.

Don’t let a failing body haunt you, weakness can trick you into feeling tired. Treat yourself to strength training and clear away the cobwebs of an inactive life!

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

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