Putting woman in their place…

” The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any…

–  Alice Walker

Females have been have been suppressed and objectified throughout history and the effects still permeate modern culture. No this isn’t a political rant but it is a human rights factoid. Everyone should know they can and should be physically strong and that any supposed sensibility to the opposite is ridiculous at best and oppression at worst.


While easily 70 percent of those who come to our business are woman less than half of those are taken on as clients. This is because we are constantly discovering that all too many ladies don’t realize that health is about being strong not just being slim or some ideal of attractiveness. That without physical strength the rest is fleeting.


We endeavour to explain that man or woman health and fitness relies 100% on physical strength not anything else. We see it constantly, females who are active and work hard on nutrition yet they are still suffering far too much body fat, low energy, aches and pains, mood swings etc.


Because you cannot have stamina, energy, agility and a reasonable metabolic rate without muscle and strength woman have been seeing disastrous health issues in modern living. Females have been encouraged to be soft and even harshly judged if they showed any visible signs of strength. The result, severe hormonal problems, major emotional disorders and all around poor physical fitness regardless of how hard they try.


We are here to say a human is a human regardless of gender. We all need to build and protect physical strength or suffer the side effects of weakness. It is an either/or proposition you cannot avoid. Like we said above we can’t even work with someone who doesn’t wrap their head around that fact.


Ladies…don’t give up the power of your health by buying into the ludicrous notion that ‘you are a female you are supposed to be weak’. Being strong doesn’t mean you aren’t sensitive let alone feminine. It means you have the energy and the actual practical, physical ability to be whatever you want, regardless of opinions and whatever life throws at you.


Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney


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