Take Shelter

“Fitness is a shelter for your health”




Like Michael Shannon in ‘Take Shelter’ (see our fav clip below) we often sound over the top about staying in shape however there is saying which says it all:

Take time for fitness now or make time for illness later”.

Those who profess that we all will get sick and die regardless are not only pessimistic they have overlooked an important aspect of health. Certainly we all pass away in time but living the last 20-30 years (60’s, 70’s…80’s) in weakness, pain and suffering is not a sentence you must serve. Your body doesn’t have to become a prison.


The old model of aging needs to die. Don’t buy into the false notion that you are meant to wind down, stumble, then crawl for decades. A lack of physical fitness causes illness and reduces quality of life. The cure isn’t drugs or surgery. Those are simply emergency intervention techniques.


Regular activity and at least one short weekly session of intense exercise aimed at your weaknesses, coupled with reasonable rest and nutrition, is not too much to ask when you ask so much of your body. Life has its share of stress and storms, offer your health some shelter.

Be well, be strong,

Andrew and Tierney

Master Fitness Clinicians™


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