Perhaps it’s just a marketing issue but we often struggle describing the difference between a high quality workout and a low quality workout. This is likely because from our perspective we are happy if people exercise at all. That exercise isn’t as standard a part of modern life as is owning a phone or watching T.V. is a shame.

The problem may be that as fitness professionals we forget the clean point of view of those not wrapped up in the details. It is one thing to like or dislike a style but another to be able to spot the differences in quality with regards to physical activities.


We tend to shy away from client testimonials because if not careful it can sound like bragging and can also obfuscate the issue and need for individuality. That said a new client gave a wonderful perspective a few days after their first ‘Nautilus style’ session with us. It basically went like this:

“I felt energized the rest of the day after the workout but then fell very deep asleep early in the evening , haven’t slept like that in years.” – “Usually after any workout like that I feel quite fatigued even a bit dragged down the rest of the day”.


What this points out is if exercise is actually doing something good for you it should be adding to you not draining you. Exercise should not be ‘work to get done’ and the term ‘workout’ is misleading. When exercise is in proper keeping with your body type and needs it will feel stimulating not draining.


The trick is not to confuse this with the nervous stress relief you may feel from any intense physical activity. Exercise, if it is real quality, feeds you like good nutrition and improper forms just like poor food choices leave you feeling weighted down and not truly satisfied.

So from our new ‘clear’ client the take home is simple:

Exercise to stimulate not drain then enjoy quality rest afterwards.


A suitable (for you) workout is one which infuses you with strength and stamina. Certainly it should feel like you really used your muscles but not as a means of survival and enduring but in a manner which leaves you feeling more capable than ever.

Until next time be well,

Andrew & Tierney


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