The ‘A’ Move

Like the ‘T’ Move this covers a lot of strength and stamina in one continuous flow. Always learn slow with light or no weight. I am only using 20 lb dumbbells here for display purposes and even so, for a guy, I honestly started to noticeably fatigue in short order. 

This is simply another combo action with focus on arms and shoulders with unilateral work for legs. Guys typically like arm and shoulder exercise and this works well if you know how to put your trunk muscles into the arm and shoulder action. Males also tend to have greater left to right leg and hip imbalances because of our narrower pelvic arrangement (compared to females). That said this is also a great routine for woman though you may want to go easy on the weight as the overhead actions get tough if they are too wobbly. Take time building up weight used. Typically females start with 5-10 lb dumbbells and work up to 10-20 lbs. Males start around 15-25 lbs and work up to 25-35 lbs.

Key elements:

1. Stand tall, curl up the dumbbells to top position and hold with biceps and focus on biceps working.

2. Step forward. pause then straight down softly resting back leg knee on floor. Concentrate on lowering down as a separate action from stepping forward. This is a one legged squat and you want to have all the weight pushing down not forward (your body weight and the dumbbell weight). Focus on your forward thigh resisting and controlling the downward stretch.

3. Push dumbbells up overhead while turning palms in facing each other. Focus on flexing your shoulders and staying tall and square, a slight backwards lean is ergonomic but keep it subtle.

4. Carefully extend the dumbbells back and down stretching the triceps muscles. Contract the triceps and push back up overhead, focus on squeezing the elbows together as you push to top. Your elbows will want to splay outwards especially as fatigue sets in, keep squeezing them together when pushing up to maintain tension on backs of upper arms.

5. Lower dumbbells down to top of curl and focus on shoulders again, keep movement controlled and not a dropping action but a ‘resisted’ stretch. Let your palms turn back towards you as you lower them to chest height.

6. Push straight up to half way point with front leg, driving front heel into the floor. Pause, come back down to bottom then squeeze the front leg thigh muscles hard and drive all the way up to the top.

7. Pause at top then step back and make sure you are tall with good posture and lower the dumbbells back down to your sides in starting position.

8. Repeat bringing other leg forward and each cycle keep alternating legs.

– Keep your breath free flowing and let yourself purposefully puff out harder and harder as you fatigue.

– Start slow with light weight and feel for how your muscles should be working. Avoiding cheating and bouncing…keeping continuous muscle tension provides you a much better stimulus for stamina and strength. Pretending to be a super star athlete and throwing around the weight and trying to be spring like (feigning agility) may feel fun and feel like hard work, it may even get you sweating and breathing hard but it will NOT truly draw on your entire system. The higher quality your actions the deeper and more thorough and significant your body will react. The more lean mass you mobilize per unit time the better the exercise reaction.

Enjoy – Be Well and share if you care to,

Andrew and Tierney


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