Fitness or Fear?

We both liked this video and the way split screen was utilized. Ultimately though it must be deemed as part of the ‘scare tactic’ category. Solid concern is fine but fear, though a powerful motivator, shouldn’t be our impetus to get/stay fit.

Many possible reasons to end up very ill during your later years are beyond your control. Moreover, length of life has great value but it shouldn’t supersede quality of living…here and now. Now as per the only life you truly have but we had more than enough of that sort of talk in the last post.

The video is part of a recent initiative from Heart and Stroke Foundation [ ] which we recently investigated. Perhaps investigated is an exaggeration…we took the test and compared notes on the site. Though directed towards Canadians the site speaks to everyone…or does it?


There were no expectations of deep personal insight anymore than there would be with a free online IQ test. The point here was to see if it was a positive resource.

Here is an overview:

       Fun page to navigate with many varied elements covered. Good ‘attracting primer’ for getting people interested in their health.

      Collecting statistical data that could prove useful for everyone. You can skip past the registration/member aspect by highlighting the anonymous option.

       Nutrition warning aspect far too heavily weighed in favor of low fat over carbohydrate consumption. The issue of internal inflammation and insulin problems from carbohydrate consumption is not even touched upon…big problem!

       Good initial highlight of genetic factors and history which plays a large role besides lifestyle

       Nice emphasis on activities to deal with stress, even strength training is mentioned which is too often overlooked.

       Typical Canadian food guide recommendations, which are in our opinion really out of step with modern living.

       Great inclusion of children and building healthy habits, activity and eating in their lives.

       There are basic resources to manage, set goals and track progress weight as well as activity.

       Like the videos for recipe prep although basic but a good baseline if needed

–       BMI centric, which is common when dealing with Canada food guide. There are in our opinion better methods to establish such things.

       Anthropometric measurements not highlighted but tutorial on proper measurement taking i.e. waist is offered.

       Plenty of options to promote fundraising/donations throughout site…maybe a bit too much but that is a tough judgment call.

Ultimately our main concern is the notion that you should care because you want your health to last. This implies what we sense to be a problematic notion, consider:

The general health of people is headed in a troublesome direction.

HSF is a Canadian charity in a socialized political system.

The big concern in our country is obvious – at this rate our medical system is simply not sustainable.

Our concern is that lowering risk is a backwards approach. It’s like improving odds when in the grand scheme outcomes are far too random based to influence (gamblers fallacy). You can influence the numbers as they relate to millions of people all taxing the healthcare system but what of the individual? What of person specific care where the more an individual dedicates themselves to their fitness the greater the outcome for their health? Personal care is heavily subsidized by taxes and is only really offered after you are sick. That ‘sickcare’ is becoming more generic, myopic, over specialized and over taxed by the year…in our opinion of course.


Life is risky period and the best defensive, if you must think defensively is…yes you got it, a good strong offence. Do you really need a test to let you know that your health may be at risk? Life is stress, good stressors and not so good ones. We need to be fit not just to protect ourselves but also to exist above survival for survivals sake.


To live requires energy, strength and good recovery ability. The more of these you have the more living you can do. Sure you can bounce back from illness, injury and stress better but what of self imposed enjoyable stress? What of challenges and new experiences? What of sharing time with those you care about and are younger and naturally more energetic and curious? How about staying up too late with a great new read? What of some junk food just for junk food sake? Even sports and hobbies can result in a trade off of physical drain and pain but this is living right?!


You wouldn’t cover your hands in Band-Aids to avoid possible paper cuts. We support this notion:

take off your gloves and get your hands dirty once in a while, you can wash them later. Live…be fit and live well.


Until next installment be well and share if you care to.

One Reply to “Fitness or Fear?”

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