IDFA Fitness Pride

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We are proud to be IDFA Athletes. Natural fitness competition drives us through the tougher days to be our best. Being part of the IDFA let’s us rub elbows with fitness’ finest helping fuel our motivation to be more and learn more.

As with anyone trying to make a big improvement, having goals and deadlines is paramount to avoiding failure. When the going gets tough the tough avoid excuses and it is a huge help to have a finish line to look forward to crossing.

As seen with the IDFA transformation contests, putting something significant on the line can have an immensely positive influence. It may seem to be ‘over the top’ to enter into such competition but the results cannot be denied. Really in the end the competition is all for you the individual. What you gain is priceless, placings and such are secondary to the self improvement factor.

The IDFA is a positive organization and we love pushing our limits as we discover more about fitness and ourselves…100 % natural for life!

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