• 100% Private facility, door is locked and coded only active clients have access codes. Everything is continuously and meticulously cleaned.

• Only 2 clients and 2 trainers are present in the facility ( 4 total) limiting distraction or waiting to use equipment.

• Time efficient: clients train for only 30 minutes once or on rare occasions twice a week based on the landmark book by Dr. McGuff ‘Body by Science’.

• No inexperienced trainers: Too many people get injured from a lack of proper knowledge and experience.

• Slow controlled movements to build intensity: No fake, fast/explosive and supposedly athletic actions that promote injuries.

• Individualized exercise only: You are not forced into a cut-and-paste routine.

• No generic fad devices: All our equipment was hand-picked ( and much of it is rare/collectible) to produce highly specialized movements.

• No up selling or overselling. Our goal for you is to spend the least amount of time to achieve maximum results – not pad our rosters.

• We are science-based: Our training is based on stress physiology and physics. We go well beyond the standard low-budget, small-sample studies created for college athletes. Dr. McGuff’s book ‘Body by Science’ explains it well – this is not a fad this is evidence based exercise.

• We are not about showing off. It’s about helping you perform the optimal workout by digging and discovering what works best for you and perfecting that.

• We get you to perform hard, direct exercise to get strong. It’s not about just trying to burn fat or be entertained. We know that “feeling” like you had a good workout is only a small part of getting real benefits.

• Even though we require less of a time commitment than most trainers, you must commit, as well. Your personal training sessions are scheduled appointments and this is enforced; you are expected to prioritize your workouts.

• You will not be “handled”: Change can be uncomfortable and won’t happen without honest effort. We don’t lower the bar for anyone just to collect our fee.

• We strongly promote the survivor/achiever attitude and don’t tolerate excessive self-pity or a victim mindset.

• If you have a tricky or cumbersome physical issue, we have the patience and creativity to devise a custom solution.

• We will give you honest feedback – not just friendly talk to keep you coming back.

• Looking more fit and feeling more attractive is a common (and welcome) side effect of our sessions, but we measure success by ensuring you develop significant strength and stamina.


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