We’ve been watching for a video that is mainstream enough, positive enough yet still exposes some of our key concerns about fitness. This recent one with TV personality Al Roker is darn near perfect (link at bottom of this post).

Al proves that even after pricey invasive surgery you can slide back towards major weight problems. While some of you aren’t surprised this quick fix doesn’t stick, you might not be aware of our next points.

After Al put weight back on he worked hard again with a 28-day cleanse diet and a careful resistance training program. This is now coupled with a relatively strict eating plan which keeps him away from ‘triggers’ from the junk food categories, mainly being a low carbohydrate diet.

The issue is, while he is avoiding morbid obesity he is still quite overweight. Clearly his approach is a stopgap which keeps disaster at bay. Look to his face and shoulders for clues as to the issue. We see it everyday and have for many years…lack of lean mass…muscle loss.

Quick fixes like cleanses and bypass surgery may be needed to get the ball rolling and even to save ones heart from failure. The fact is though, quick fat loss peels off copious amounts of lean mass with it. It destroys muscles, connective tissue and bones. You can see it in Al’s face where he is still holding quite a bit of unhealthy fat in his body but his cheeks are sunken. Look closely again at the video, they have padded his shoulders pretty good as deltoids fade real fast in folks who slash calories and carbs drastically.

Lean mass is tough to come by and aging strips it away. Those with less of it to start with literally have to eat less than average just to avoid getting overweight. Couple this with a food addiction like Al has and it is a tough place to be in.

Al is doing the right thing with a trainer who puts him through these 30-minute careful resistance training workouts. What he will need to get and actually stay under 15% bodyfat is to use carbohydrates like a supplement. Trying to build up needed and lost muscle from crash dieting, age and just lackluster genetics is extremely tough. Waning hormone levels and food restriction both work against you. This is why without drugs almost no one looks like a bodybuilder.

We applaud Al for staying with it and doing resistance training rather than just trying to use hyper style activity (running, biking, aerobics class etc.) to help himself.
Over time we hope to explain to you just why lean mass is so important and how to deal with just how tough it is to develop and maintain. If his trainer is smart she will recommend post workout recovery nutrients based in carbs for replenishing the muscles. Furthermore, she will fast need to take him beyond light careful very slow movements keeping form tight but upping the resistance, intensity and variety of stimulus.


Best of health in the New Year.

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